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Related post: Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 17:25:14 +1000 (EST) From: Dane Isaac Subject: Rian chapter 8hey guys, here's the next one... dont know where i'm going with this but it will come to me! let me know what u think and thanks russian xxx video for all russian dogs dogs all the emails!!! Dane Rian Chapter 8 It took a few days of bed rest and house confinement before Rian felt well enough to face enrolling at his new school. It gold russian doll charm wasn't a boarding school as free russian sexmovie both Elizabeth and George russian rape girl naked sweet russian 16 naturist had hoped but even they didn't Nude art russian free have enough sway to get him accepted this late in the school year. So it was to the local private school russian smut films very joung russian girl St Josephs.Those days of rest russian female porn star had allowed Rian some time to evaluate his options. He came to the decision that he wasn't going to live like he did with his dad. He wasn't going to cower and despite Jake's advice of keeping his head down, he was russian kidz sex pics youn petit russian going girls russian nude to be proud and just as loud.On the first day of school Elizabeth drove Rian in to enroll. She smiled suavely at the principal and bragged about Rian's outstanding academic prowess and that unfortunate circumstances had forced him to change schools.Rian watched and waited silently. They managed to match him up with all he classes he had taken at his old school. Rian was a smart kid, he was a very quick learner and had one of those annoying abilities that allowed him mature russian porn russian butts not to freeze up in exams but russians panties rather prosper under the pressure and time constraints.A few russian music teacher sex russian kid naked free girls and guys spoke to him during class but Rian remained distant. 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Does anyone have any black nail polish?"There was silence then anal russian one of the girls russian ass free started laughing. "You got balls. As it happens I have some metallic blue nail polish if you're interested."Rian smiled. "That'll do."The girl patted the spot next to her on the grass. She was a very beautiful girl with dark caramel skin and brown eyes. Her black hair was streaked with red."My name's Amy. It's a bit late pussy russian to change schools isn't it? You're in year twelve right?"Before Rian had a chance to answer another boy spoke up. "Yeah he's in my history class.""That's James." Amy supplied, handing over her nail polish russian sex illegal lollitas as Rian sat.James had bright red hair and site boy russian nude freckles. He, like a couple of others were looking suspiciously at Rian.Rian shrugged and got Boy free gay russian free nude russian asian to work on his nails. He smiled to himself, this was sure to piss off nude russian schoolgirls his grandparents. 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You can't wear that to dinner. You must get rid of it!""It's Rian, Emily and no the nail polish is staying."Emily looked worriedly after Rian as he walked towards his room. His grandparents were not people to be easily trifled with and she hoped Rian knew nude nudists russian what he russian boys naked russian anal mistress was doing.Dinner was always a stiff and uninteresting affair. So russian foreskin prick far naked russian gay twinks his grandparents had not seen his unconventional addition. russian boy art sites They spoke russian girls mini lola about his father's court case."George dear, it's russian twinks girls very important we get Mark a good russian girl vagina lawyer, one that knows the value of a good psychologist's report. Alcohol, betrayal, anger, disappointment nude russian free mpeg are all elements sexy russian women marriage that could trigger an emotional breakdown. Poor Mark."Rian was fuming as gay russian movie he ate. They always did this. Talked as if he wasn't there or didn't matter. Soon after Elizabeth's hawk eyes zeroed in on Rian's nails."What disgusting thing do you have russian tgp mpeg on your hand? Go wash russian ton twink it off now."This russian muscle boys was it. Time for defiance, for loud and proud, for being strong. Rian took a deep breath."No. I decided that I like russian girls 16 naked blue. It suit's my hair russian nudist list don't cha think?" Rian said innocently, holding russian girl strings his hand out and looking his nails over proudly.There was silence for a moment."Go to your room Rian. Honestly is it russian big tits no wonder your father reacted the way he did?" Elizabeth dismissed russian kiddie him.Rian was boiling with anger. "What you mean breaking my nude russians pics ribs and beating me unconscious. Yes I can see how nail polish would evoke that kind of reaction.""Stop being so nude fucking russian dramatic Rian. You are impossible! Go to your room now!" Elizabeth said porno russian girls haughtily.Rian did so. He wasn't finished though. After a conversation with Amy the next day at school, Rian arrived home later that week with bright pink nail polish. He was sent photos russian girls to bed with no dinner.As the babys russian sex weeks progressed russian bride erotic Rian came home from russian kid porno school nude russian girls showe wearing glitter, eyeliner, lip gloss, bracelets and rings. Emily snuck him some food on occasion but mostly he spent all his time at the mansion in his room. Amy and James had nude russian ballerinas become good friends and they all conspired together to make Rian look nude russian hunks as `gay' as possible.This didn't come without big boob russians problems however from both home and school.
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